v  The universal cure for disease.

v  Discovery of a means of prolonging life.

v  A power or process of transforming some thing into something precious.

v  A medieval chemical science and philosophy aiming to achieve the transmutation of the base metals into gold.


v  The essential principal.

v  A sweetened liquid used as a vehicle for medicinal agents.

v  A substance that is believed to cure all ills.


Public Speaking Coaching with Bill Pozzobon

Have you ever been asked to deliver a corporate presentation? Desired a more polished professional public speaking voice? Would LOVE to learn how to speak with impact and give your message a more polished delivery with greater results? 

Public speaking coaching could be for you. 

Who benefits from public speaking coaching?

You may not need to present an inspirational talk at a conference, motivate a corporate team or be the master of ceremony at a wedding, but most of us will need public speaking skills at some point in our adult life. Some people who may benefit from private coaching include:

  • Salespeople who deal with customers by phone, in retail on private meetings

  • Corporate Managers who give reports in meetings or are responsible for building confidence of a team

  • Job seekers preparing for job interviews
  • Supervisors who train new employees 

  • Musicians and other performers
  • Committee chairs who facilitate meetings, workshops and large events

  • Hotel Staff and Professionals who interact with diverse groups of people

  • Self employed individuals wanting to polish their presentations and sales delivery

  • Anyone wanting to fine tune their voice and message delivery for the most effective communication

  • You

Many of the secrets of effective communication and powerful presentation come from the world of theatre. When we are the audience, we want the play and the actors to engage us. When we are the presenter, we want our presentations to do the same. Audiences want to be entertained and involved, regardless of what or who they are watching. The audience is thirsty for an inclusive and transformative experience, an inspiring message and connection with the speaker. Audiences want the truth.

Public speaking should be a place of enormous exhilaration and power. When we speak, we hold the potential to affect others in ways that motivate surprise and inspire. Far too often though, our presentation skills fall short of that inspiration. 

Common reasons of ineffective "flop" presentations include:

  • No connection to the audience

  • Reciting "just the facts" and delivering a boring presentation

  • Ineffective vocal communication: monotone voice, articulation issues, quiet or too loud of a speaking voice

  • Reliance on technology instead of a dynamic message (hiding behind a podium or power point)

  • Repetitive or rambling delivery

  • Ineffective Body language (pacing, fidgeting or even hiding from the audience) 

In my coaching sessions I address common roadblocks to effective public communication. Through coaching sessions you will learn how to:

  • Use your voice as a powerful tool to get your message across and move your audience. Through practice in vocal dynamics: tone, tempo, articulation, volume, emphasis, nuance and voice projection.

  • Employ conscious body language: Learn how to be fully present in the body through movement training, physical performance training, acting training, and body awareness exercises.

  • Refine your message so that it is clear, concise and inspiring.

  • Incorporate storytelling to illuminate the message.

  • Learn to speak with confidence. Embrace the fear of public speaking and learn how to turn the fear of public speaking into a tool that can help you to deliver a powerful, confident message.

  • Speak through the heart. Connect your values, emotions and thoughts to deliver a dynamic message.

  • Hone skills for assertive communications. Gain the respect of colleagues, clients and in business negotiations.

  • Transform emotional blocks into powerful communication tools

  • Learn to communicate authentically in any setting.

You can learn how to overcome these common roadblocks, connect to a larger picture of yourself and speak with confidence. 

Learning successful public speaking means having someone who can coach your voice, body and style to maximize your effectiveness and give you the tools to move forward. 

I have made a life out of teaching, public speaking, acting, large and small group facilitation, assertiveness and one on one training. I am offering the benefit of my over 20 years of experience to make your presentations memorable in the best possible ways.

You deserve to be seen. You deserve to be heard.

Services Offered:

In deepening one's ability to confidently present their work, practice is required. My classes are intended to give the participant ample time to do just that. Depending on your needs, you have options. 

1. Private Public Speaking Coaching: If you require personalized attention we will work on specific aspects of your presentation style through one-on-one facilitation. These can be through one session, several or an ongoing coaching situation. It all depends on what your needs are. A coaching session generally lasts two hours, but can be customized to suit.

2. Group sessions and Corporate Training: with two or more participants. Ideal for the company or group who want to improve their skills with the active feedback of peers. 

If your staff is training new staff, facilitating training's and workshops, networking in the community, pitching vendors and customers, making sales calls, speaking at conferences - then group sessions can raise staff performance and effective delivery, when speaking to colleagues, executives and the public. Participants are given skills about effective communication and presentation and are taught as observers how to become better listeners and give constructive feedback. Group classes are three hours and consist of several sessions. 

3. Public Speaker, Seminars and Workshops: available for corporate events and conferences. I offer several presentation and workshop topics in varying lengths, from 1-hour presentations to full-day training's. Customized presentations can be designed to suite your needs. Pricing depends on level of customization, length of seminar, travel and other factors. Contact me for more information or to schedule a presentation.

4. Post Presentation Review: I am available to sit in on one of your presentations for evaluation and review and then arrange a one-on-one coaching session to provide an assessment and suggestions for improvement.

This is an efficient way to obtain some quick tips and valuable feedback for your continual development as a successful speaker.

My desire is to offer you the benefit of my time and experience so that you reach your potential as a public presenter. Together, we can co-create a coaching plan that suits your needs based on a questionnaire, timeframe required, and which specific issues you want to work on.

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