v  The universal cure for disease.

v  Discovery of a means of prolonging life.

v  A power or process of transforming some thing into something precious.

v  A medieval chemical science and philosophy aiming to achieve the transmutation of the base metals into gold.


v  The essential principal.

v  A sweetened liquid used as a vehicle for medicinal agents.

v  A substance that is believed to cure all ills.


What to expect from Manual Osteopathic Techniques?
Written by Katolen Yardley, MNIMH, RH (AHG) ~ Medical Herbalist

Manual osteopathy is a gentle, safe and effective hands-on technique used to enhance the vitality and health for people of all ages (children, adults, athletes and the elderly) while addressing physical issues related to structure and function as well as enhance mechanical performance, can positively impact chronic pain and can also provide nervous system support for a stress-filled life.

Utilizing the patient’s case history, physical assessment, orthopedic tests and along with the use of precise palpation skills for detecting areas of diminished mobility, restriction and osteopathic lesions; science based osteopathy techniques focus on finding the underlying cause of the symptoms, whether near to or distant from the person’s area of complaint. The treatment focuses on various techniques assisting the body to restore balance and normalize any areas of dysfunction.

An individualised treatment plan is created, based on the individual’s unique health history and current presentation. While it is the clients body which heals itself; the practitioner's role is to facilitate the initiation and guidance of the process while utilizing vast knowledge of the connections of bones, joints and underlying tissues and their interrelationship to the underling nerves, blood vessels and lymphatic system, encouraging self regulating forces at work to restore homeostasis.

A manual osteopath is trained in numerous techniques including: joint mobilization, muscle energy techniques, soft tissue techniques, myofascial release, still technique, balanced ligamentous articulation, posture assessment, cranial osteopathy or osteopathy in the cranial field and visceral manipulation. A treatment session may include specific exercises and stretching techniques, foam rolling and lifestyle recommendations for greater sustained health as the body further integrates in days after treatment.

“ We look at the body in health as meaning perfection and harmony, not in one part, but in the whole.” -A. T. Still MD, DO

Manual Osteopathy is a very gentle non invasive, hands-on form of manual therapy that focuses on supporting the bodies self healing mechanisms to restore optimal health – seeking to address physical structure and resolve underlying tissue imbalances, not only treat symptoms of dis-ease.

Gentle repetitive movements are used to stimulate all tissue in a localised area including the fascia, ligaments, joints, tendons, bones as well as stimulate underlying tissues to remove congestion, stagnation, improve blood flow and ensure unimpeded flow of fluids and nerve impulses. While an Osteopathic wellness program is never a one program fits all scenario; science based osteopathic therapy seeks to treat the individual, thus treatment is also tailored to the individual.

Manual Osteopathy does not involve pharmaceutical medications or surgery but instead focuses on removing restrictions to physical structure to assist the bodies self regulation abilities within set homeostatic principles. A manual osteopath is not a medical doctor and does not diagnose disease. If you have an undiagnosed health condition, always consult your medical physician prior to initiating osteopathic manual therapy.

Osteopathy is used to address a variety of health issues. If you want to know if Osteopathy is the right treatment for you, Email us today. Vancouver Manual Osteopathy Therapy: Alchemy & Elixir Health Group.

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