v  The universal cure for disease.

v  Discovery of a means of prolonging life.

v  A power or process of transforming some thing into something precious.

v  A medieval chemical science and philosophy aiming to achieve the transmutation of the base metals into gold.


v  The essential principal.

v  A sweetened liquid used as a vehicle for medicinal agents.

v  A substance that is believed to cure all ills.


Holistic Nutrition
Holistic nutrition involves reviewing an individual's current diet and health symptoms and creating customized meal plans and food choices using whole, unrefined healing foods. Consuming nutrient-rich food is THE starting place for improving overall health, impacting energy levels, improving digestive health, balancing blood sugar levels, supporting hormone and adrenal health, sleep habits and for maintaining a healthy weight (for ones unique body type) throughout ones life. 

A Registered Holistic Nutritionist is someone who uses food as a means for preventing dis-ease and creates personalised programs and meal plans to ensure that each unique body is receiving the needed nutrients in order heal itself. 

Our registered holistic nutritionist specializes in adrenal fatigue and nutritional guidance for peri-menopausal, menopausal and post menopausal symptoms including assistance for women's breast and heart health.

Nutritional Assessment ~ An initial nutritional assessment is utilized to explore the client's nutritional well-being in relation to their present food choices and analyze present dietary practices. This assessment may uncover potential deficiencies or imbalances throughout the body.

Personalized Programs ~ Personal health rebuilding programs and support in developing positive nutritional habits, lifestyle and general health. This can include weight normalization and management for our own individual body types.

Meal Planning and grocery store tours ~ Customized meal plans for specific dietary/nutritional requirements. This includes healthy recipes using whole foods that are sustainable and cost-effective meal options.

Food Awareness and Supplementation ~ Food awareness helps to create a positive, mindful connection to food and encourages a more favourable relationship between you and added healthy food choices. If supplements are indeed beneficial, I provide advice for particular supplementation.

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