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Bill Pozzobon, BA - Public Speaking Coach

Bill is an actor, teacher, director and improviser presently working in Vancouver, B.C. He has worked in theatre since graduating with a Bachelor of Arts from Simon Fraser University's (S.F.U.) Fine and Performing Arts program in 1991. As well, he has been with The Vancouver Theatresports League since 1997. Bill has also spent the last 10 years working with youth and adults in the areas of violence prevention and assertiveness training. He believes that it is at the intersection of these disciplines that great public speakers are created. 

Many important messages are lost because the means of delivery fall short. Vital elements of effective public speaking include:

  • Knowing what we are saying and why. 
  • Knowing who we are speaking to.
  • Including the audience in the experience of our knowing with our voice and emphasis. 
  • Appropriate body language and demeanor. 
  • Mastering how to be flexible and still communicate our truth. 

Through personal coaching, our relationship to the challenges of public speaking can be addressed. Once addressed, we can then create solutions that work for individuals to deliver effective, transformative presentations.

Since the year 2000, Bill has returned to direct and teach sessionally at S.F.U., with classes ranging from first year theatre to playmaking to running a student based theatre company. His training and teaching at S.F.U. offers a unique attention to physical, vocal and text analysis as well as theatrical presentation. Since every presentation contains some or all of these elements, it is important that we learn where our strengths and weaknesses are so that we can give them proper attention. The more specific that attention is, the more opportunity we have to make a positive difference.

Bill has performed improv across Canada, in the U.S and Japan. Not only has he been a performer with The Vancouver Theatresports League, but also a teacher and corporate trainer using improvisation as a cornerstone of problem solving and team building. In his over 13 years with VTSL, he has performed in thousands of shows, hundreds of corporate and private events, and taught numerous classes in the art of improvisation both with Theatresports and the Shadbolt Center for the Arts. He still performs weekly with Vancouver Theatresports.

Currently, Bill is the lead male facilitator with Safeteen, a company devoted to peace through empowerment. Over the last ten years, he has worked with everyone from pre-teen youth to adults who work in the school and counseling systems here and abroad on issues concerning assertiveness. To quote the Safeteen website:

"Bill Pozzobon is a Senior SAFETEEN trainer who has worked on gender and violence issues with youth and educators locally and internationally. Bill is an actor, director and inspirational public speaker. With humor and skill he invites those he works with to step into their full humanity with dignity and courage. "


  • Over nineteen years school- and community-based training and education experience.
  • Over sixteen years professional public speaking experience.
  • Extensive Theater performance background.
  • Expertise in adult learning principles, communication skills and assertiveness training.
  • Expertise in communication skills development
  • Expertise in program and curriculum development.
  • Expertise leading workshops and facilitating groups. 

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