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Television & Film Consulting​

Film Consultant

Herbal Medicine Educator

Herbal medicine consulting for film and television provides accurate depiction of traditional and scientific use of botanical medicine, the realistic use of wild plants and fungi for survival, food and medicine and add accuracy to set design, dialogue and crafted scenes. 

We focus on demystifying herbal medicine and alternative medicine treatments. From adding more authenticity to the use of herbal medicine, foraging and wild plant use, to portrayal in Hollywood depictions of accidental poisonings or murders, to  the historic use of plants for veterinary medicine; we assist with providing precise representation of herbal healing. We offer project consultant skills and research for:

  • Rediscovering the traditional use of medicinal plants (the use of plants as food, medicine, staples for survival including tools & clothing)
  • Bringing alternative medicine treatments to life with precision
  • Documentaries researching the science behind botanical medicine
  • Accuracy in set design for realism
  • Script authentication
  • Medical terminology
  • Authentic depiction of the historic use of medicinal plants
  • Technical advice & Research
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