Rachel Silves

I am honored to write a testimonial on my experience mentoring with Katolen Yardley and her fabulous student clinic. Katolen is what every herbalist aspires to be. Katolen has the ability to meet students where they are at, whether that is a beginning plant walk at Van Dusen gardens (which is how I initially met Katolen) or an advanced student who is just about to graduate from a professional herbalist program. Katolen is able to tailor the learning to the student’s interests and push students to learn and grow as herbalists and clinicians. One of Katolen’s strengths is her vast knowledge and thirst for learning. Katolen continues to study and bring new and cutting-edge research and knowledge to her student clinic and mentees. Katolen has a collaborative and supportive approach and makes students feel welcomed even when in the awkward skill building phase. A couple of highlights from my time at student clinic was the emphasis on mastering physical examination skills which I believe really sets Katolen’s student clinic apart and the blend of client experience and formulating. Katolen is highly skilled at formulating and this is one of the areas that I was able to master while working under Katolen’s guidance at student clinic. 

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