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Yoni Steam


Yoni steaming is a traditional time honored women’s ritual recommended by healers, herbalists and midwives alike. Yoni steams (also known as “bajos”) have been used to support female reproductive health, cleansing stagnant energy and connecting with our innate feminine energy.

The steam vapors and volatile oils from organic herbs and flowers have been used for tonifying tissues and used for yoni healing including: heavy menstrual bleeding, vaginal dryness, painful cycles, relaxing the muscles, nourishing the womb, increasing blood flow (heightens arousal) & overall pampering. Since ancient times, this sacred monthly ritual has been used for womb wellness; tap into this meditative experience and begin to harness the purification practices long forgotten in our society.

This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

DO NOT, steam during pregnancy, moon time or if you are on a IUD. Best times for steaming is during ovulation, after & before moon time. Preferably before bed. Always consult your holistic health care provider if you have specific female health concerns.

Instructions for use provided upon purchase.


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Organic ingredients:  Organic Red Raspberry leaves, Organic Yarrow flowers, Organic Damiana leaf, Organic Lavender flowers, Rose petals and Organic Marigold flowers. A handcrafted blend of lusciously scented herbs & flowers prepared with love.

Additional common names: Yoni Tonic Steam, Vaginal Steam, V Steam, Bajos, Ritual Herbs, Yoni Sauna, women’s herbal steam, women’s steam

Sold in 2 sizes by weight: 60 grams = 2.11 ounces ~ which yields approximately 4-6 yoni steams or 120 grams = 4.23 ounces which is approximately 8-10 yoni steams.



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120 grams, 60 grams




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