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St Johns Wort Infused Oil


St John’s Wort Infused oil is made from the flowers of St John’s wort: strongly anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and tissue healing, helps to relieve pain. The infused oil is bright red in color, can be used externally for massage purposes to treat many topical health conditions including: Mild burns, Bruises, Hemorrhoids, Varicose veins, Sores & ulcers. Most especially, this is indicated for nerve pain such as: Neuralgia, Sciatica and Shingles (great for assisting the phantom nerve pain associated with this condition).

This infused oil can be added into salves & creams; essential oils can be added in for additional support.


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St Johns Wort Infused Oil

Size: 50 ml, 125 ml

Latin name: Hypericum perfoliatum

St John’s Wort Flowers infused in Sunflower carrier oil




Product Size

125 ml, 50 ml


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