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Gotu Kola Herb Organic


Gotu kola also known as Centella asiatica is an important ayurvedic herb for longevity and rejuvenation. Traditionally used to promote a long life, strengthen adrenal function, improve immune system activity and rebuild energy reserves, combating stress and supports memory. A useful anti inflammatory and connective tissue herb for skin repair, scars and for wound healing, while also offering support for cardiovascular health, hypertension and varicose veins.

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Organic Gotu Kola Herb

Latin name: Hydrocotyl asiatica, Centella asiatica,

Additional common names:  Brahma-Buti, Brahma-Manduki, Centellase,  Centella Asiatique, Centella coriacea, Divya, GotaKola, Hydrocotyle asiatique, Hydrocotyle indien, Indischer wassernabel, Indian Pennywort, Indian Water Navelwort, Ji Xue Cao, Khulakhudi, Luei Gong Gen, Luo De Da, Madecassol, Mandukaparni, Manduk Parani, Mandukig, Marsh Penny, TTFCA, Talepetrako, Thick-Leaved Pennywort, Tsubo-kusa, Tungchian, White Rot

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