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Copal Resin Incense


Black copal resin is a very sacred incense used for ceremonies since ancient times. One of the oldest forms of clearing energy, its sacred smoke bringing peacefulness to a space. It is said to reveal invisible energies, removing stuck or negative energy from a room or space–its also wonderful for cleansing your crystals and jewelry. The name for copal is pom in Mayan tongue. Copal resin is said to lift the veil revealing invisible energies that appear like rays of sunlight filtering through an early morning mist. Used for ceremony and healing purposes it is said that the smoke can illuminate energy blockages.

The resin is used to clear the mind and holds energies to influence purification and protection. The dried natural resin, when burned, smells similar to an earthy light citrus frankincense tone.

The resin is formed when the tree is cut and a thick milky liquid seeps out. It is dark in colour, very black, but changes color as it dries.

How to Burn Resin: Light a charcoal disc with matches or lighter until it self-ignites (25 seconds). Use tongs to hold it up (never hold it with your fingers alone or you might get burned). Place the lit charcoal in a bowl or any incense burner. The bowl or incense burner should be filled with sand or dirt. Let the charcoal warm for a few minutes. (It turns gray around the edges when it is ready) Now you are ready! Add a small amount of resin on top of the charcoal. The resin will burn and soon release essential, aromatic oils through the smoke. Continue to place resins or powder on charcoal as they burn out and smoke decreases for a continuous burn.

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Ingredients: Black Copal Resin

Latin Name: Protium grandifolium

Country of Origin: Guatemala

Sold as one individual package – Black Copal Resin 25 grams per package






Product Size

25 grams


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