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Vitamin B Complex


The B complex vitamins are co-enzymes involved in energy production, they assist in maintaining healthy nerves, skin, vision and healthy hair; as well as enhancing brain functions and promoting endurance and stamina.

The B vitamins are an important supplement for anyone encountering mental or physical stress due to overwork and assist in memory and brain function. A vitamin B complex is a useful addition to anyone encountering a hormone imbalance, PMS or menopausal symptoms. The B vitamins are essential for liver function and hormone metabolism in the liver.

B vitamins are most effective when taken together as a whole complex and are water soluble, meaning that there is no concern of cumulative side effects, (what the body does not need will be voided out), however when the body is under stress the B vitamins are often depleted, thus supplementation is important through times of elevated stress.

Caffeine and certain medications, such as oral contraceptives and cardiovascular drugs, (diuretics, ACE inhibitors, beta-blockers and cholesterol lowering drugs) deplete the body of all B vitamins, creating a deficit state. Bio Med’s High Potency B Compound contains 50 mg of the B’s, insuring optimal levels for better overall health – in an easy-to-swallow capsule form.

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Vitamin B Complex

Size: 60 capsules

Brand: BioMed

Each capsule contains: Vitamin B1 (50mg), Vitamin B2 (50mg), Vitamin B3 (50mg), Vitamin B5 (50mg), Vitamin B6 (50mg), Vitamin B12 (50mg), Biotin (50mg), Folic Acid (0.4mg), Choline (50mg), Inositol (50mg), Para-aminobenzoic acid (50mg)


60 capsules




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