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Manual osteopathy

Osteopathy offers support for chronic pain management, temporo-mandibular joint disorders, mobility issues, headaches, repetitive strain injuries and trauma through a variety of manual osteopathic techniques including cranio osteopathy, mobilization, muscle energy techniques and visceral manipulation as well as support for chronic pain.

manual osteopathy for cervical spine pain

Herbal Medicine Consultations

Consider a health consultation for improving your overall health and focusing on specific health concerns. Herbal medicine can address almost any health condition that one might visit a doctor for. Katolen specializes in women’s health, digestive and respiratory issues and skin complaints.

Health Consult

Compounding & Dispensing Services

Alchemy & Elixir Health Group provides formulating, compounding and dispensing services for practitioners, our client base, and members of the community members. We stock over 100 botanical tinctures and have a large assortment of bulk organic herbs and spices. If you are a local or distant practitioner who wishes to utilize our services or an individual interested in a specific recipe please email us directly for our compounding policies.

Dispensary compounding

Student Mentorship

Since 2010, Katolen has been running a student clinic herbal mentorship program. Apprenticeship training is an experiential form of education which assists in preparing advanced students to become herbalists at the professional level through observation and hands-on practice in a clinic setting.  

herbal medicine student mentorship

Business Consultations

Regardless of whether you require assistance with product formulation, design and research or require guidance with internal business organization such as product markups and costing; Katolen has consulted in the industry of botanical medicine and natural health for over 20 years.


Online Shop

Browse online to view our extensive list of organic and wildcrafted loose herbs, nutritional supplements, artisan pleasure teas, essential oils and tinctures and botanical extracts.  We also carry medicine making ingredients, shaman supplies and hand rolled incense.

Alchemy & Elixir Health Group Online market wishlist

Online Education

Stay tuned for future online educational videos related to herbal medicine and holistic health.

online herbal medicine educaiton

Community Clinic

Once a month we offer low cost herbal medicine consultations to the public in our student clinic. Consultations are conducted by senior students. 

students present at the low income community clinic

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