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  In training for a marathon my wife massaged my calves and achilles with Release Essential Oil Blend added into our massage cream. I loved the heating effect and really did feel a 'release' in my tense muscles. Please send more!

— Jason Novak,
Calgary Alta.

  The Core Health Herbal tea blend has helped me immensely; my acid reflux
problem has subsided considerably and I am very pleased with this

— M. Kalil,
Oliver, BC

  I have used 1 bottle of the Zap Away Essential Oil blend and I must tell you that the warts i've had on my baby finger are all gone!!! Can't believe how fast it did work on my finger....i'm glad they're gone!!!

— S. Pollinger,
Powell River, BC

  Breath Essential Oil Blend-- this year seems to be more difficult with allergies, dust in the air pollens etc. I have found that putting a few drops of "Breath Essential Oil Blend" in a cup of hot water, and breathing this as an inhalation tends to clear my nose and head and I can breath much better.

— B. Petersen,
Calgary, AB

  I am consistently impressed by the high quality products, speedy delivery and competitive prices.

— S. Duncan,
Prince George, BC

    As a client in the clinic of Alchemy and Elixir Health group, it is a relief knowing that a medical herbalist with training in both mainstream allopathic medicine and holistic healing is monitoring my health. As a clinic client, I can count on support, guidance and education to make informed health choices. Thank you for your support throughout the years.

— M. Fisher,
Arizona, US

    I love your customized herbal medicine tonics. I can both see and feel the benefit of combining numerous herbs into one customized formula to address my key health concerns.

— R. Martin,
Vancouver, BC

 Why Order from Alchemy & Elixir?
 ‘Health’ is our bodies most optimal and desired state, not simply an unattainable situation once one is ill. Health is the attainment and maintenance of the highest mental, physical vigor of which any individual is capable, the state of graceful life extension, longevity and an enhanced quality of life. Our health is affected by what we eat and consume, or don’t consume, our lifestyle, our attitudes and emotions and an assortment of other factors.

Remember: Many people demand overnight results but optimal health is not created instantly, it is a life long commitment. Are you willing make the commitment needed to attain the highest possible state of health that your body is capable of?

Let Us Assist You in Attaining Your Goals 

1. For ongoing support, encouragement and inspiration, sign up for your ‘Taking Charge of Your Health’ Newsletter to obtain health tips, recipes, and up to date news on complimentary medicine.

2. Educate yourself of the impact that your lifestyle and lifestyle choices have on your health, the health of your family and the environment. 

3. Read up on articles on Selected Health Topics

Benefits of Preventative Medicine 

· Preventative medicine allows you to focus on your main health concern and life extension, while reducing the risk of future health problems and genetic conditions.
· Herbal medicine and nutritional supplements can cleanse and detoxify, improve immune system function, enhance digestion, reduce fatigue, improve endurance and balance hormones.

· Herbal medicine can be used safely for chronic conditions and are also strong enough to address acute, immediate illness. In fact, herbs can be used to treat almost any condition you would visit a doctor for.


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