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Business Consulting​

Holistic Business Consulting

Katolen Yardley brings over 22 years experience in the industry of botanical medicine and natural health. She offers business consulting to help you plan every aspect of your herbal business or holistic health business, including:

  • corporate wellness and speaking engagements
  • course curriculum development
  • textbook writing for educational programs
  • holistic business training
  • business development
  • product design and rationale
  • novel botanical medicine formulations
  • sourcing high quality raw materials
  • pricing and costing
  • good manufacturing practices and standard operating procedures
  • business organization and strategizing
  • product launch and marketing plan review
  • effective marketing and promotion

With prior experience owning and running a wellness center with 15 practitioners and previously, Katolen managed the production of a busy herbal company for 6 years where she was responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring the good manufacturing procedures of herbal formulations.

Herbal Product Formulator

An experienced natural health product formulator and private contractor, Katolen has been involved with numerous product formulations and recipe creations varying from:

  • medicinal tea blends and pleasure teas
  • medicinal chocolates, super foods and herbal beverages
  • tincture formulations
  • herbal creams and medicinal salves

Katolen has researched and developed herbal formulations and was involved with completing over 200  product license applications for Canada’s Natural Health Product regulations.

Education and Course Creation

Katolen teaches business courses for the holistic practitioner. She has completed training in teaching adults and learning methodologies from Vancouver School Board and Langara College which contributes to her skill with adult education. She has created course curriculums for various schools, taught in numerous educational programs and both authored and co-authored two textbooks on herbal medicine. Course content includes holistic health, herbal medicine, history of herbal medicine, anatomy and physiology related topics.

business consultant for the holistic health field
herbal product formulator
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