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Ultimate E
Thorne Research

Ultimate-E is a blend of mixed tocopherols, containing all of the natural isomers of vitamin E. Tocopherols provide protection from free radicals and products of oxygenation, including lipid peroxides and singlet oxygen radicals, while the blend of mixed tocopherols appear to have a stronger antioxidant effect. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that is used for the prevention of cardiovascular disease and immune system ehnancement. Vitamin E can assist in improving circulation, the repair of tissue, prevention of scarring and wound healing, fibrocystic breasts, hot flushes and PMS. Vitamin E can be used in conditions of elevated blood pressure, the prevention of cataracts and can assist in slowing down the aging process. Antioxidants such as vitamin E are vital to the overall antioxidant capacity in the blood and tissues. Numerous clinical studies have shown vitamin E is beneficial to the cardiovascular system, and recent studies looking at mixed tocopherols have indicated they have a stronger inhibitory effect on lipid peroxidation than alpha-tocopherol alone, indicating a more potent antioxidant effect of mixed tocopherols. Supplementing with Ultimate-E, with its naturally occurring ratio of tocopherols, is an efficient way to supplement the vitamin E molecules without the addition of soy oil as a filler. Thorne's Ultimate-E contains pure, undiluted vitamin E. The vitamin E is extracted from a mixture of vegetable oils, including soy oil. However, any potentially allergenic soy residues are removed during the distillation process and, unlike most vitamin E products on the market, Ultimate-E is not diluted with soy oil. Because the tocopherols come from a natural source, the exact tocopherol profile can vary slightly from batch to batch, although extra alpha-tocopherol is added to each batch to standardize the amount of this important tocopherol to 500 IU per capsule. Cholesterol drugs, antacids, mineral oil and steroid hormones may interfere with absorption of Vitamin E in the body. For clinic customer renewals only.
  • Common Name: Ultimate E
  • Order Code: ULT- E
  • Ingredients: d-alpha tocopherol: 500 iu / 335 mg, beta tocopherol: 9-11 mg, gamma tocopherol: 400-450 mg, delta tocopherol: 115-150 mg, gelatin, glycerin and water



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