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  I love your customized herbal medicine tonics. I can both see and feel the benefit of combining numerous herbs into one customized formula to address my key health concerns. 

— R. Martin,
Vancouver, BC

Why custom blended herbal medicine?

Herbal medicine is ‘green’ medicine: a paradigm recognizing that plants are nature’s healers; our allies that contain the same vital life force as a person, we both take in nourishment from the air, sun and soil for survival and we co-mingle as kindred spirits on this earth.

Herbal medicine is a part of our heritage, indigenous to all cultural communities and traditions. Our ancestors used herbs for nourishment and for treating ills.

Custom blended herbal medicine involves the ancient art of compounding and medicine making. For optimal benefits from herbal medicine it is crucial for the herbalist to understand the inherent energies/personalities and unique healing properties of each plant. Traditionally every herb has more than one use in the body. Herbal compounding takes into account which herbs are most suited to a particular person and which plants are best synergistically blended together to elevate the health of the whole unique person. 

After a clinic consultation tincture formulation are blended, taking into consideration each clients specific health history and health concerns. Visit Clinics and Consultations for more information.

We provide the finest professional line of hand harvested organic herbal tinctures, biodynamically farmed - meaning cultivation practices are in tune with nature, harvesting times are around the full moon and steps are taken not to deplete the nutrients from the soil for future crops. Manufacturing techniques ensure that optimal levels of a plants vital life force are contained within the final product.


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