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  In training for a marathon my wife massaged my calves and achilles with Release Essential Oil Blend added into our massage cream. I loved the heating effect and really did feel a 'release' in my tense muscles. Please send more!

— Jason Novak,
Calgary Alta.

  The Core Health Herbal tea blend has helped me immensely; my acid reflux
problem has subsided considerably and I am very pleased with this

— M. Kalil,
Oliver, BC

  I have used 1 bottle of the Zap Away Essential Oil blend and I must tell you that the warts i've had on my baby finger are all gone!!! Can't believe how fast it did work on my finger....i'm glad they're gone!!!

— S. Pollinger,
Powell River, BC

  Breath Essential Oil Blend-- this year seems to be more difficult with allergies, dust in the air pollens etc. I have found that putting a few drops of "Breath Essential Oil Blend" in a cup of hot water, and breathing this as an inhalation tends to clear my nose and head and I can breath much better.

— B. Petersen,
Calgary, AB

  I am consistently impressed by the high quality products, speedy delivery and competitive prices.

— S. Duncan,
Prince George, BC

    As a client in the clinic of Alchemy and Elixir Health group, it is a relief knowing that a medical herbalist with training in both mainstream allopathic medicine and holistic healing is monitoring my health. As a clinic client, I can count on support, guidance and education to make informed health choices. Thank you for your support throughout the years.

— M. Fisher,
Arizona, US

    I love your customized herbal medicine tonics. I can both see and feel the benefit of combining numerous herbs into one customized formula to address my key health concerns.

— R. Martin,
Vancouver, BC

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